Wood Branding Iron

Wood Branding Iron

Branding isn’t limited to livestock alone. Today, a wide range of wooden objects are marked with letters, text and stamps for identification. The main purpose of branding is to inform where a product comes from.

Items of furniture, timber pallets and different types of woodwork are frequently marked with the manufacturer’s logo, seal, sign or stamp. Many craftsmen brand their woodcraft using wood branding iron to quickly gain recognition for their unique skills and craftsmanship. Branding began in the era of the ancient Egyptians and was introduced to America through European travelers. Since that time, branding tools and equipment have evolved a lot to support highly visible, legible marks.

Why Use a Wood Branding Iron

If you deal in woodcraft or operate in the timber industry, branding offers you a great way to improve your marketing. The best part about wood branding is that it is a cost effective marking solution. Plus, using a wood branding iron is easy for anyone. With some basic knowledge and practice, anyone can start to mark their woodwork and woodcraft with the signs of their choice.

Once a wood branding set up has been created, it can be used to mark any number of wooden objects and timber products.

Marks created through wood branding irons are permanent. They are deep and easy to read and last for the length of the product’s life. Wood branding marks are also resilient and do not go away with wear and tear. Whether you are a wood products manufacturer, an artist or a craftsman, you can use wood branding irons to advertise your company and set yourself apart in the industry.

Custom Wood Branding Iron

A wood branding iron has two parts – the branding iron and the branding head (or die). The branding die remains joined with the branding iron, the part that is heated before applying the die to the site of brand.

As soon as the branding die is pressed against the surface of the object being branded, it leaves the mark of the engraved symbol, stamp, letters or text into that object. At Livestock Branding Irons, we offer personalized packages and interchangeable logos or characters for deep, long-lasting mark. The customized die that we create can be easily attached to the wood branding iron to create custom marks.

We create each custom wood branding iron after having an initial consultation with clients and getting their approval for the design. Once the wood brand is ready, it’s tested and retested for accuracy of details and quality of marking. Within a short period of time, our top quality wood branding irons have gained a lot of popularity and are appreciated by clients all over the world. We are fully equipped to handle bulk orders and offer a fast turnaround time anywhere.

If you’re looking for wood branding irons for yourself or want to gift it to woodworkers, all you need to do is send us your design or idea and we’ll take care of the rest – exactly as per your specific needs.

How to Use a Wood Branding Iron

When using a wood branding iron to leave clear, legible marks on different types of wooden objects and woodwork, a couple things must be kept in mind. Here’s a quick look at how to get the best results.


Different types and texture of wood require different temperature settings for burning. To create deep, long-lasting marks on objects made from softwood, the temperature should range between 650° to 750°F whereas for hardwood products, the temperature should be between 750° to 850°F. Unless the temperature settings are right, you won’t get the desired results.


To create deep, even engravings into the surface of wooden objects to be marked, you must ensure that pressure is applied all over the site of brand in a uniform manner.

Contact Time

How long you should press the wood branding iron against the surface of the object is an important concern. This duration may vary depending on the type of wood the object to be marked is made up of. The die temperature should match the burning temperature of the wooden object.

Depth of Mark

When using a wood branding iron to leave marks on an object, you should also consider how deep you want the engravings to be. Depending what exactly your requirements are, both the contact time and the amount of pressure will have to be either increased or decreased for correct burning.

If you’re looking for wood branding irons or want to get more information on safely applying modern methods for creating deep, long-lasting brands on wooden products, get in touch with us now. At Livestock Branding Irons, we don’t just produce top quality wood branding irons but also equip clients with lots of useful tips and recommendations for the best and most satisfying results.