Freeze Branding Iron

Freeze Branding Iron

Freeze branding is a popular technique that a lot of commercial ranches and producers use to permanently mark cattle with clear and legible identifying marks. Among other styles and types of branding iron, freeze branding iron uses chilled branding iron as opposed to hot branding iron.

While every branding iron serves as an implement to leave highly visible company seals or logos on the hides of horses and other animals for identification, freeze branding in particular has emerged as a marketing tool for cattle owners and producers to attract more customers. White brands on dark-colored animals really create an appealing look. Even from a long distance, the brands on animals can be easily seen and read due to the contrasting effect – white letters or symbols on black background.

Plus, one key benefit of freeze branding is that it causes the least damage to the hide of the cattle as compared to hot brands.

Using Freeze Branding Iron for Marking

Like other branding techniques, freeze branding too is a delicate procedure and so it requires careful application and handling.

To create 100% readable letters or characters, the entire procedure of freeze branding has to be followed with close attention. Right from preparing the animal till taking off the super-cool freeze branding iron, there are several key considerations that you should take into account. If the due procedure is not properly adhered to or the timing is not correct, the brands may not have the desired clarity. The branding environment or the weather can also impact the results.

To initiate the procedure, remove the hair coat (where the brand has to be applied). Clipping and brushing off the lose hair lays the skin area bare and makes it perfect for highly visible branding.

To keep the branding iron cold, either liquid nitrogen or dry ice-alcohol method can be used. Use of liquid nitrogen is preferable because it expedites the process. In case of dry ice-alcohol, the contact time between the freezing iron and the hide has to be extended for legible marking. Leave the branding digits in the cooling mixture for 30-45 minutes to cool. After saturating the site of the brand with alcohol, apply the freezing brand iron immediately and exert firm pressure. Hold it for 30-40 seconds before removing the iron. Timing is a key factor as even a delay of a few seconds (in case of liquid nitrogen) could burn the hide and freeze branding will fail.

Freeze branding takes a lot of manual assistance and effort. If you are freeze branding your cattle for the first time, make sure you have plenty of help at hand. It’s a good idea to use a stopwatch to maintain correct timing. The entire procedure of freeze branding also asks for patience. If you hustle, the results can disappoint you and you may end up wasting time with no good results.

Why You Need Our Freeze Branding Iron

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