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Livestock Branding Irons

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How We Began

We started by noticing a need for branding iron makers while on facebook. As we browsed various facebook groups related to ranch supplies we saw people asking for someone to make their brand. We started off by making a few here and there. Word spread quickly and now has turned into a full time job.
Though it’s hard to visualize a branding picture without a cowboy in it, livestock branding has been going on for thousands of years. Over the last couple of centuries, it’s continued as a tradition tightly woven into the ranching culture in the West. But it’s more than just a tradition; it’s goal is to make animals quickly identifiable. Branded animals can be easily traced to their ranch of origin.
We fell in love with cattle branding – both in terms of tradition that it’s been and the purpose that it serves. But we focused on the purpose, and wanted to turn our budding love into a passion which made the lives of cattle owners (and the cattle themselves) and those operating in the livestock industry easier.
After producing a few branding irons, we decided to start a business of producing hot branding irons with highly defined designs, letters and text. Perfection in all details and great finish were on our minds. We felt this business was one way in which we could associate ourselves with the age-old cattle branding tradition.

How would we launch a hot branding irons manufacturing business? Lack of resources and in-depth knowledge defied us.
But we were firm in our pursuit.
Our deep interest in cattle branding drove us to market custom brands. We spoke with cattle owners, handlers and watched how animals were being marked or branded. We examined various tools and techniques used in the trade.
We understood that branding cattle is a delicate procedure, one that should be handled with extreme care and caution. As we knew more, we wanted to know more – and we continued to dig deeper. Along with the exploration of how branding irons are produced and customized and how animals are marked with symbols and letters, we kept on saving money too for starting the new business.
We couldn’t wait for long. We used our fathers garage and started off small, and our first clients were our own friends and relatives. Our deep passion, wide knowledge about multiple livestock branding tools and techniques and the kind patronage from our family and friends helped us grow as a business much faster.
Presently, we have five highly skilled team members and our own state-of-the-art facility. We use a range of innovative techniques to produce custom branding irons for highly visible and legible marking. Our livestock branding irons are one of the best in the cattle industry and are shipped to clients all over the world.


Why Choose Us for Livestock Branding Irons

It’s now been over two years since we began manufacturing hot branding irons for marking of cows, sheep, horses etc. Our highly defined branding heads and equipment are reaching every part of the world. A deep understanding of our clients’ needs allows us to produce personalized branding irons that can be used with a wide range of applications for highly readable marking.
Using premium quality metals, we create the required design and give shape to a variety of branding irons. Regardless of whether you want symbols, letters or text on metals, we take every single detail into account and produce flame heated and electric branding irons that support clear and legible branded marks. Our facility is equipped with all kinds of advanced tools and technologies that are required to deliver the best hot branding irons in the livestock industry.
Right from day one, fulfilling specific customer requirements has been our top most priority. Every client is important to us, no matter which state or country they come from. Before we get started with the procedure, we hold a preliminary discussion with each of our clients to understand their exact needs. While we pay close attention to what the client requires, we may also offer practical advice and recommendations for the best and accurate results. In addition to that, we are always transparent in our dealings for utmost satisfaction of our clients.
We have an in-depth knowledge of how different metals and materials respond to stamping or marking. Since branding isn’t just limited to marking livestock, we have expanded our range of services to also offer wood branding irons, steak branding irons and leather branding irons. At Livestock Branding Irons, we have a fast turnaround time in the entire cattle industry – even for bulk orders.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You

If hot branding irons is what you’re looking for, we eagerly wait to hear from you. You can also visit our online store for a quick look at different types of hot branding irons for sale or share with us your design to create fully customized branding heads. If you are not sure what you want, ask us and we’ll tell you.



Joel Adams


We ordered a brand for our wedding at the last minute,and received it very fast. Unfortunately our wood that we were branding was the wrong size. We called them up and they were able to make us a smaller brand in just 4 days notice. Would definitely would use them again. Great service and work.

We absolutely love our brand !! they did an amazing job taking an idea and bringing it to life! cant wait to get our brand on our baby’s ! I would give 10 stars if I could! Great service and work.